Joseph was born in Indiana, USA and grew up in various cities along the Eastern coast of the country. He studied architecture at The Georgia Institute of Technology and Auburn University in Alabama where he graduated. He currently resides between Paris and Barranquilla since 2004.

He worked in Atlanta and in New York City designing and managing multiple corporate projects, notably the ones for News Corporation, owner of FOX, FOX Sports and TV Guide. Prior to this he also worked with the company H.O.K on large scale projects like the Ryad Airport in Saudi Arabia and the JAL terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Since 1991 he founded estudioMORFO and as the Design Director has dedicated himself to produce many residential and commercial projects in several Latin American countries, mainly in Colombia.

Notably among the latest published projects is the Hotel Casa Tcherassi in Cartagena Colombia, owned by the renowned fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi. In this project he not only participated in the architectural, interior and furnishings design but he was also as an integral part of the restoration of this 250 year old colonial mansion.

Joseph speaks Spanish, French and English. Since 2006 he also works directing the offices in Colombia.