During their careers in New York City, Joseph McCauley and Virgilio Sierra worked with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the city, then in 1990 they formed their company estudioMORFO.

In the spring of 1991 several residential design projects took them to Colombia, where they installed their design studio in the coastal city of Barranquilla. While designing several architectural projects, very often they found themselves, creating pieces of furniture for their clients and supervising the production of these hand made objects by colombian craftmen. This experience gave them the idea to branch out and start with EMobjects and its first line of funiture called Salento, was launched in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in the May of 2001 and then in Maison & Object in Paris in January of 2002.

Today Paris has been selected as their primary residence, where they spend half of the year, from there they continue to design for their clients and develop new concepts and ideas for EMobjects. In 2004 they launched their second line of furniture which coincided with the opening of a showroom for two years in the design center Stillwerk in Berlin, Germany.

Even though they have had projects in such varied places as Croatia and Belgium in Europe, Miami, New York, Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador in the Americas, ultimately most of the work is now mainly concentrated in Colombia. From their studio in Barranquilla they continue with their line of modern residential projects all over the country, and started to diversify in the intervention of colonial homes in Cartagena, adding their modern sensibility to their restoration. This includes the renowned Hotel Casa Tcherassi.

Other comercial projects include, the new image for the boutiques of Silvia Tcherassi, as well as the design of new residential buildings and their interiors for construction companies.